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X-rays at home are now possible thanks to a Fujifilm-branded machinery, which allows X-rays at home of every skeletal tract, of the chest and of the abdomen. It gives complete assistance to all those who cannot move and need urgent thorough diagnostic examinations.

Radiographs at home, as those in clinics, use X-rays to obtain a digital image that is reported and delivered to the patient. It’s a non-invasive, painless test.

The radiography at home is a service offered by The Doctor At Home, home healthcare portal of Medical Service Assistance, a company authorized by the Lazio Region.

When to call for a radiography at home

Home X-rays can be required for all fragile patients who what to avoid difficult and potentially dangerous trips to hospitals and prefer to stay at home.

The X-rays at home take place in about 30 minutes and do not require any special preparation, the patient will only have to worry about not wearing metal objects or jewelry during the examination.

The modern diagnostic devices used by the professionals of The Doctor At Home allow a strong containment of the radiation dose during the examination, while ensuring a high image quality even in performances at home.

All images are in DICOM medical format. The radiographs are printed on X-ray film and will be delivered to the patient with CD and radiologist report.

The service is available 365 days a year, at home in short time. If necessary it is also possible to make use of an orthopaedic examination at home.

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