The otolaryngology examination at home is aimed at identifying any pathologies of the ear, nose, throat and other structures belonging to the head-neck district.

When to call the otolaryngologist at home

We recommend an urgent otolaryngology examination at home to patients with a pathology already diagnosed and also to those to whom the nature of symptoms has not yet been established. Symptoms can be various: tinnitus, hearing loss, humming, closed ear feeling, skidding sensation, postural uncertainty, dizziness, persistent pain in the throat, foreign body sensation in the throat, persistent lowering of voice and stuffy nose for no apparent reason.

The otolaryngologist at home is a service offered by The Doctor At Home, home healthcare portal of Medical Service Assistance, company authorized by the Lazio Region.

How an otolaryngology examination at home works

In the first phase of the visit, our specialist gets the patient’s medical history, collects information on the lifestyle, nutrition, smoking habits, alcohol consumption, level of physical activity and sedentary behaviour, any known pathologies, drug assumption, the kind of work, the presence of symptoms related to the organs of competence, any treatment in place.

In the second phase of the examination, the specialist can carry out tests to identify the causes of the symptoms experienced by the patient. The survey may consist of: palpation of the neck to exclude the presence of suspicious swelling; inspection of the oral cavity and pharynx by laryngoscopy; inspection of the tympanic membrane and the external ear canal with an instrument called otoscope; exploration of the inside of the nose (and of some structures connected to it such as paranasal cavities and nasopharynx) by means of rhinoscopy.

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