If you need, for you or for someone you care about, an eye examination at home, you can contact the staff of The Doctor At Home

Through a general eye examination, our specialist assesses the state of health of the eyes and measures their visual ability at all distances.

When to call the ophthalmologist at home

The ophthalmologist at home intervenes when the patient has difficulty moving, the visit includes the same tests that the patient is subjected to during an examination in a clinic and is useful to verify the existence of eye diseases that can lead to a reduction or loss of vision and of systemic risk factors that can include eye damage (diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc.)

In addition, the eye examination detects the presence of risk factor that in the long term can lead to the development of eye conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.

The ophthalmologist at home is a service offered by The Doctor At Home, home healthcare portal of Medical Service Assistance, a company authorized by the Lazio Region.

How an ophthalmologist examination at home works

The visit of our specialist takes place primarily with an objective examination of the eyelids and a bio microscopic assessment of the tear film, conjunctiva, cornea, crystalline and retina.

Tests are also carried out to detect:

  • Eye motility, when the patient reports seeing double or when there is suspicion of a neurological pathology;
  • Visual acuity, that is the ability of the eye to read letters or see an image of well-defined dimensions at a certain distance;
  • Pupillary function, the ophthalmologist checks the size, shape and reactivity to pupil light;
  • Interocular pressure, through which pressure is verified and indirectly the state of the outflow of the aqueous humour (the fluid present in the eye)
  • The ocular fundus, through the ophthalmological examination of the posterior segment the doctor analyses the vitreous (gel present inside the eye), the optic nerve and the retina. For this exam the ophthalmologist injects into the patient’s eye an eye drop that has the effect of dilating the pupil.

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