The neurological examination at home is necessary when pathologies linked to the nervous system suddenly arise.

There are many urgencies in which it is necessary to intervene with a neurologist. We list them below:

  • loss of consciousness;
  • trauma;
  • epilepsy;
  • dizziness;
  • memory disorders;
  • tremor;
  • sudden loss and/or reduction of force to an arm or a leg;
  • deviation of the mouth on one side;
  • trouble speaking;
  • sudden numbness of an arm and/or a leg or half of the face
  • sudden visual difficulty in one eye;
  • sudden headache and confusion;
  • sudden and intense headache hitting the back of the neck, stronger than ever before.

These symptoms can be alarm bells of cerebrovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases such as meningitis or encephalitis, dementia, Parkinson’s disease.

The neurological examination is the first step in a diagnosis that excludes or ascertains the presence of a neurological disease or a localized injury.

Our neurologist assists the patient by prescribing, if necessary, more specific clinical examinations, further tests and analyses for a more complete diagnosis, syndromic, anatomical or topographical (seat), pathological (nature of the disease) and etiological (causes and mechanisms).

The neurologist at home is a service offered by The Doctor At Home, home healthcare portal of Medical Service Assistance, a company authorized by the Lazio Region.

How a neurological examination at home works

In the first phase of the neurological examination, the doctor gets information on the lifestyle, on the medical history of the patient and on the symptoms.

The actual neurological examination consists in the analysis of the mental state, of the symbolic function (such as language, movements and recognition of sounds, objects and colours), of the cranial nerves, of the motor system, of the coordination of movements and of the sensory system.

In some cases, the doctor may check the sense of balance and orientation, reflexes, eye reaction to visual stimuli and vibration of the skin.

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