The urologist is the doctor specialized in the study and care of the male and female urinary system, which includes: kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra and adrenal glands.

When to call the urologist at home

The urological examination at home can be booked by all those people who cannot move from home or if they cannot face queues and waits in a clinic.
The urologist can diagnose, exclude or monitor urological disorders such as: infections and stones of the urinary tract, disorders related to sexual functions, neoplasm, male and female genital infections, prostatitis (in men), incontinence.
The main symptoms indicating the need to turn to a urologist are:

  • blood in the urine;
  • pain and burning during urination;
  • urinary incontinence, urine leakage;
  • frequent and urgent urge to urinate
  • cloudy and/or malodorous urine
  • pelvic or kidney pain

The urologist at home is a service offered by The Doctor At Home, home healthcare portal of Medical Service Assistance, company authorized by the Lazio Region.

How an urological examination at home works

In the first phase of the visit the doctor get the patient’s medical history, collects information about the lifestyle asking questions regarding nutrition, smoking habit, alcohol consumption, level of physical activity and sedentary behaviour, any known pathologies, other cases in the family of urological pathologies, drug assumption and sex life.

The second phase of the examination can vary depending on the sex of the patient: if they are a man, a careful assessment of the lower abdomen and the external genital area is performed; for women, on the other hand, the urological examination is similar to the gynecological one.

This is followed by the diagnosis or, where necessary, the prescription of further tests and examinations such as: ultrasound or blood and urine tests.

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