The nurses of The Doctor At Home can reach your home in a few hours and provide assistance for:

  • wound dressings
  • injections
  • blood withdrawal
  • drip at home
  • bladder catheter change

A nurse at home is a practical solution in order to monitor the most complex medical treatments.

Request the intervention of a nurse by calling us from 8.00 a.m to 6.30 p.m at +39 06 40417410.


Continuous nursing care

The Doctor At Home also offers continuous nursing service, both day and night in case of an unexpected illness, an exacerbation or an accident.

For every circumstance and need it is possible to have a professional nurse at home for a complete and full-time medical care.


The nurse at home is a service offered by The Doctor At Home, home healthcare portal of Medical Service Assistance, a company authorized by the Lazio Region.

Nursing care at home

Blood tests at home (report’s delivery included)

The nurses of The Doctor At Home perform blood tests at home in Rome And Milan within 24 hours from the request. One of our nurses will meet you at home, respecting all safety protocols. Blood samples can be taken at any time and with prompt reports.

Injection at home (intramuscular and subcutaneous)

The Doctor At Home provides nurses for intramuscular or subcutaneous injections at home.

Execution of prescribed vaccinations at home

The nurses of The Doctor At Home are also responsible for administering vaccines directly at home.

Supervised drip at home (from 30 to 60 minutes)

The drip or intravenous therapy (IV) consist in the infusion of liquid substances directly into the vein. The nurses of The Doctor At Home can help you by assisting the IV therapy at home.

Placement of cannula at home (including equipment)

A professional nurse of the The Doctor At Home will perform the placement of the cannula at home.

Evacuative enema at home (equipment paid by the user)

The nurses of The Doctor At Home can administer an enema or the evacuative probe at home, so the patient can avoid annoying trips.

Dressing at home (simple pressure injury)

The simple dressing is a dressing that is carried out on abrasions, slight superficial cut or grazes. The nurses of The Doctor at Home can take care of the dressing so that the patients don’t have to do annoying trips.

Dressing at home (complex pressure injury)

Complex dressing is carried out on lesions due to amputations, on post-operative wounds, on deep cuts with fringed margins. Also in this case a nurse at home is absolutely necessary for the operation to be carried out correctly, avoiding the risk of infection.

Hourly continuous nursing care (8 hours)

When a difficulty in moving or walking forces the patient into the home, nursing care lasts for as long as necessary to ensure continuity of care or medication. The services offered range from the administration of a drug, to medication, from changing a bladder catheter, to the application of a drip.

The Doctor At Home guarantees excellent quality services with experienced professional nurses, constantly updated and supervised by our Health Department.

Continuous care with health care professional (8 hours)

If you need a health care professional to receive on going care, The Doctor At Home can provide reliable and highly qualified personnel.


Book a nurse at home

from Monday to Friday
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