You can book your medical examination at home by calling +39 06 40417410 and +39 331 6278456, or by filling the booking form. Our Call Center will help you define the most suitable time and day for your appointment.

As soon as you have arranged your appointment with our Call Center, you will receive a mail with all the instructions to make the payment. You can do this in maximum comfort without moving from home with Credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

That’s all you have to do! Stay at home and wait for the doctor to visit you! If you have been asked by the Call Center, remember to collect previous records and reports that may be useful for your visit. For any problems or delay you will be informed.


The Doctor At Home has an agreements with the following insurance companies:

Call us and our operators will provide you with all the information about our agreements, performance coverage, booking methods and any authorizations to ask the company.