Transparency, respect and listening in our Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics adopted by Medical Service Assistance S.r.l. indicates the policies to which the Company’s staff and all those who work for the same are required to comply with, in the belief that compliance with these principles allows the smooth functioning of the Company and the achievement of the Company Mission.

The Code of Ethics determines that the Company and all its staff must pursue the maximum satisfaction of users, ensuring truthful and comprehensive information about the clinical protocols of diagnosis and treatments adopted and of the services provided, in order to enable them to make informed decisions (cd. Informed consent to treatment)

The patient’s consent to perform a particular medical treatment is a necessary prerequisite for the correct establishment of the professional work relationship, in implementation of the principles constitutionally guaranteed and, in any case, in implementation of the ethical principle of the relationship between health care professional and patient.

Upon completion of the complete and comprehensive assessment of the diagnosis, of the healthcare treatment proposed by the professional, of the purpose of the treatment, of the possible alternatives and of the risks associated with the treatment, the patient is able to freely decide whether to undergo medical treatment by giving consent.

In order to allow informed consent, Medical Service Assistance S.r.l. through its professional undertakes to:

  • provide the patient (or his delegate) with the most appropriate information on the diagnosis, prognosis, prospects and possible diagnostic-therapeutic alternatives and on the foreseeable consequences of the choices made;

  • not use any means of persuasion deceptive or untruthful, scientific and not;

  • ensure adequate and comprehensive information also to foreign users, through the use of interpreters with adequate language skills;

  • prohibit behaviours that favour unequal treatment or privileged positions in the provision of healthcare services.

In order to establish a better relationship with users, Medical Service Assistance S.r.l. also undertakes to periodically verify the proper functioning of the Public Relation Office.

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