Medical Service Assistance was founded in 2002 with the purpose of offering medical, nursing and diagnostic health care services, in the comfort of a home, workplace or place of recovery 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to anyone who request it.

Thanks to a twenty-year experience gained with public and private companies of the National Health Service, we have assisted more than 200.000 patients throughout Italy.

With the project The Doctor At Home today we are able to offer our expertise and professionalism to anyone who relies on us, ensuring the rapid intervention of the best professionals who will take charge of every need.

The inspiring principles of our mission are expressed in the Code of Ethics.

The guarantee of our professionalism is proven by the Authorisation n. G13507 of 09/10/2019 granted by the Lazio Region according to the Regional Law n. 4/2003 and the Regional Regulation n.2/2007.


Why choose The Doctor At Home

From 2002 at the service of people. With attention, listening and transparency.

By your side since 2002

Always serving the needs of our patients

More than 200 thousand patient treated

In every type of public and private structure and also at home

Regional Health Authorization

Medical Service Assistance is ADI authorized by the Lazio Region

ISO certified processes

Our processes are ISO 9001 certified. Maximum transparency and professionalism.

Coverage Rome and Milan

Our doctors operate in Rome and Milan

Code of Ethics

Guarantee of respect and transparency towards our patients

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