The Doctor At Home

The Doctor At Home offers healthcare at home, it is a private medical service authorized by the Lazio Region. Choose the specialist doctor you need and book online a medical examination at home. This service is available in Rome and Milan.

pediatra a domicilio
geriatra a domicilio
cardiologo a domicilio


Radiography, Ultrasound, Ecocolordoppler, Holter at home

X-rays at home, Doppler ultrasound at home, holter, ultrasound, we are able to provide all kind of diagnostic examinations thanks to a thorough and innovative technology.

radiografia a domicilio
ecografia a domicilio
ecodoppler a domicilio
holter a domicilio

All services on this site are Authorized by the Lazio Region

Nurses At Home

If you need medical assistance you can also request the intervention of a nurse directly at home for: blood tests, injections, drips, dressings. In addition The Doctor At Home offers 24-hour nursing assistance.

prelievi di sangue a domicilio
iniezioni a domicilio
flebo a domicilio
medicazioni a domicilio
assistenza infermieristica continuativa
infermieri a domicilio per assistenza anziani

Nursing Care

When a difficulty in moving or walking forces a patient at home, nursing care last for as long as necessary to ensure continuity of care and medication.

The services range from drug administration, to dressing, from bladder catheter change, to drip application. The Doctor At Home guarantees excellent quality services with experienced professionals, constantly updated and supervised by our Health Department.